Google Insights

Google has a great number of tools that I have mentioned before, but Google Insights For Search is a pretty intelligently put together little tool that can help you to understand where searches are going, where they’ve been and what you can do to sort of track various trends and better understand search interest changes.
A particularly interesting facet of Google Insights is the “rising searches” feature. This shows searches that are really picking up during any given time period, compared to the one before. If you need to figure out how a search term fared say, last year, you can compare it to this year and so on and so forth.
The results that are given with Google Insights are normalized, meaning they have worked with the data sets and divided them by a common variable. This means that it will cancel whatever variable’s impact on the data and allows for better understanding of the data sets, and for better comparisons. They explain in their user information that were this not done, and instead they only displayed the absolute rankings- anywhere that had the most search volume would be ranked high, all the time.
The basic gist of what people can do with Google Insights, is that you can use this tool to figure out your keywords in a much deeper way. You can figure out which terms pique the most interest, which do not but may be improving over time, and which are just dead in the water, which is a pretty helpful thing. This can also be very useful in measuring the impacts of whatever marketing campaigns you have going, checking out brands and also, in helping to create better advertising based on what people are looking for.
Reviews, as always are mixed, however, I think that this is a very useful tool for anyone who is wanting to maybe perk up their analytic a bit and have more data to work with. The graphs, charts and other displays are very well organized and clean, so it’s easy to manage and read. This is over all fairly user friendly- but most tools by Google are made seemingly for ease of use and Google Insights For Search is definitely no different in that. Some of the common complaints are that the accuracy is slightly off on some searches, but for the most part, people seem on the whole impressed with the functionality and many feel that it may be user error that creates the inaccurate results and less the actual tool itself. Many people compare it to Google Analytics or Google Trends, but it seems to be a bit more in depth and detailed, and gives a vaster array of information. From what I have seen, this seems to be something that can benefit those who perhaps genuinely enjoy playing around with numbers, but also anyone looking for a much more detailed and deeper look at the numbers surrounding the terms that interest them or may benefit them most.


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