Google Product Listing Ads How To Fix Issue With No Impressions

We have made a commitment to start doing quick posts on how trouble shoot specific issues with some of the platforms we work with on a regular basis. Our hope in doing this is that we can build both professional relationships for other practitioners that are stuck on nuances of the job, and showcase our real world expertise for potential clients.

Issue: You have setup Google Merchant Center with a product feed, it has been approved. You have also setup your adwords product ads campaign, but you are not getting any impressions.

Diagnosis Steps: There are several issues we have seen that cause this issue. Some are easy to solve, some are not. As we run into more instances we will add them to the list. Feel free to let us know about other instances you have encountered and we will give you a shout out.

Scenario 1) You have not claimed and verified that you own your website in Google Merchant Center. This is difficult to diagnose from inside Adwords because it doesn’t tell you that is the case. We have blurred out the names of the client below, but they inadvertently created an additional merchant center account (not a new feed, but a new account entirely). This causes issues because the adwords account was linked to the wrong google merchant feed and account. So even though products  were approved in the merchant when we would view it from adwords, nothing was showing up.


Scenario 2) You have the wrong merchant center account connected with your PLA campaign in Adwords. This issue can be diagnosed at the same time as Scenario 1. Open a new tab and click on tools and analysis > Google Merchant Center. The Merchant account ID will be at the top of the screen. It is typically  digits long. Copy that so you can compare it to what is in your adwords campaign.


Next you will compare all merchant center id with the product extension id in your Adwords account. To do this, go back to your adwords tab and enter the campaign where you have PLA’s (product listing ads) turned on.

Hit the “Ad extensions” tab and make sure the “View” drop down is set to product extensions. You should see the same product ID that you saw copied from inside your merchant center account. If you do not, the wrong merchant center is linked to your adwords campaign. To fix it, delete the old extension (you can’t add a new one until the old one is deleted). Select new extension and choose the correct Google Merchant Feed Account from the drop-down.

Revisit the other tab you still have open for Google Merchant Center and click on a product.

Once on a product you will be able to the products ID, Product Type, & Brand. All of these should be able to be entered into adwords to create a filtered ad target.

To check to see if your new extension is correct, you must test targeting a filtered product in adwords. To do this, hit the auto targets tab and make sure product targets is selected from the view drop down. Select “Add product target”.

Select how you which target you want to use and enter it exactly as it is in your merchant feed. An extra space or a wrong capital letter and it will not validate. Click validate and Google will tell you whether there is a match to your filter in your feed. If it validates your problem is fixed. If it does not, it is something else.


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