Google Versus Bing In Launch of Twitter, Facebook Search

Google and Bing have both hit microblogging site Twitter hard in making deals. Also coming into the fray, Microsoft has reached a separate agreement with Facebook and Google has announced the launch of a search tool specifically targeting social networking sites. Basically, what they’re doing is making search engines a bit more retwitteral time and making it a little easier to find really current, up to the minute information on social networking sites and the like- which, with something like Twitter is almost an essential as it is updated more frequently than other things, such as a business website. Twitter’s definitely no dunce in the marketing department on this one, because the company closed the deals within hours of each other and announced the use of both of the large search engines almost simultaneously.

Bing’s own Twitter search utility is in beta, but has already been released, and as opposed to the version that Twitter already carries- this one has a list of the pages that receive the most links via Tweets. So, if you want to see what “everyone’s talking about” this certainly makes it a great deal easier to manage.

Now, rumor also has it that Google is trying to actually buy Twitter- Twitter itself just turned down a deal from Facebook- the microblogging site turned up its nose at a hefty half a billion dollars, so you can imagine the sort of offers probably being seen on the table as Google tries to purchase Twitter. In regards to marketing and SEO this says some pretty interesting things about the way that this is all going to change soon- real time, minute to minute updates, higher search rankings, everything becomes a sort of focused thing. When you consider that the advertising budget and overhead on SEO campaigns is generally quite alot lower than traditional methods of marketing- what this says is, this is one of those shoestring investments, virtually peanuts, really that can pay off with very big exposure.

My prediction on these things happening is, is that SEO is going to be even bigger than it already is, and I would think that anyone who really wants to get in on this at an early stage would be really wise to. Looking at the overall market trends, you can see which companies are already seeing a great deal of traffic and as a result, more customers versus those that aren’t- even in the way things stand right now. After these changes, everything’s going to get a lot more competitive and a stronger push for online marketing is going to be seen. Being able to get in before everything starts to change in this is such a small step, and something that really is easily managed, but definitely not something that should be overlooked. Online marketing is about to go to a whole new level and being able to go there with it is going to make quite a few people very happy in seeing rises in their profits.