Great Google Tools You Can Use

_toolsHere are a few tools put out by Google that have shown themselves to be exceptionally useful to anyone working on an online marketing campaign.

Google Insights For Search
Ever wonder just what in the world people are searching for as it applies to your own online marketing? If you haven’t, you should be.
This tool will enable you to find a great number of things that will be useful as you go about making your online marketing plan run smoothly with the ability to more accurately predict the demand for your product or service and plan accordingly, lists of the searches that are the most often used as well as the ones that are gaining ground, geographic distribution graphs and information, search patterns and just about anything you need to know about searches, you can find it with this.

Traffic Estimator
This not only enables you to do a keyword search to find out what sort of traffic the keywords you use will bring, but also, a cost analysis alongside. The reason I mention the Traffic Estimator, is it is now available even if you do not use an Adwords account. Though some have said that this didn’t have very accurate results, a recent survey showed that it actually yielded much better results than previously thought, so it is definitely work a look if you’re just needing a quick outline of your keywords and different costs associated with those.

Google Alerts
This has always been a handy way to keep up with competitor websites and trends. You know it is important to pay attention to what not only your competitors are up to, but others in your Field may be using- and this is a good, quick and convenient way of doing so. This can also help you to keep track of who may be talking about you or your company and where so you can be sure you are getting backlinks from reputable sources, as well as being a great tool for reputation management- keeping on top of those who may not be speaking so well of you, that is to say.

Google Ad Preview Tool
Have you wondered exactly what your ad would look like once it goes up? This will do the trick, without accruing extra impressions. This is important because if you are looking through your ads, almost any other way you end up lowering your click-through rate and causing your ad impressions to rise- basically, your click through rate and ad impressions work together in a way: the click through rate is obtained via dividing the total number of users by the by the number of times your ad is delivered- so, you really do not want to do that. Seems harmless enough, but you’d be surprised at how quickly that can add up.