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There are a number of benefits to using that I felt bared mentioning, here. Firstly, Advanced and Professional members have access to a vast array of media contact information- 7,000 American newspapers, magazines, radio/TV stations and networks. In addition to that, there is the Easy Media List and both offering tremendous outreach and informational services. With Easy Media List, it is incredibly simple to not only create great lists for all of your promotion and publicity needs. I have often talked about the importance of great press releases- however, this is a way to get those press releases out to the places you need them seen. Now, instead of having to seek these contacts out, yourself, you are given a complete list that is targeted to your specific needs and can be utilized as often as your publicity needs dictate. That’s very useful when you’re trying to get the word out, no matter which phase of business you may find yourself in. In total, MondoTimes itself covers a much greater range of media outlets, boasting over 24,000 newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations around the world. is exactly what it sounds like and in that, is also a very useful tool for reaching a wider audience. Creating a customizable list of email contacts using the contact information to the editorial department for the letters section in most American newspapers. Sending letters of opinion and the like is now as simple as sending an email. Quickly generated lists make this a breeze.

The overall package that offers is a really excellent way to get the contacts that your business needs in order to further its PR and marketing needs. The listing and pricing varies depending on what it is you are seeking to do- the reach you’re wanting to extend. Beginning with a basic package, you can make a list of up to ten media contacts. Advanced offers more options with full contact information to thousands of different media outlets in the US, and a personal, customizable list of thirty to suit your needs. If you find that you need more, then you can upgrade to Professional Membership which does offer a wider range of options in five lists, and is by and largely considered the option of choice for those looking to broaden their marketing scope.

On the whole, this offers so much more than just a couple of contacts and is a convenient all in one place to find the contacts and organize those in a way that makes them much more easy to use. This sort of convenience saves time, and is an efficient sort of all in one set up that makes connecting with the media outlets you need to be distributing your press releases and other marketing materials just that much easier for you.