Great Tips To Getting External Links

inbis-link-buildingWe have gone into the importance of great content, and how having fresh new articles, blogs, and different media on your website can definitely boost your search engine optimization and get you up there in the rankings. I have also mentioned before that external links are another great way to boost your site’s visibility and enhance your overall traffic and hit count. Now, let’s consider the best ways to make this all come together in a way that really gets some attention and results in you actually getting the back links that you need to succeed in the search engine optimization game. The internet has called to task all things convenient. With the click of a mouse, you can have a wealth of information right there at your fingertips- or, you can have sharable content that moves.

Search and Share is a wonderful way to make use of something called site hosted jQuery script. How this works is pretty simple, it makes it much easier to cite your content. Basically, when a user highlights a portion of your website content, sharing options are automatically displayed, embedding source page and url directly in the highlighted content. With Search and Share, you can be sure that you will be cited and that you will get the proper credit and back link that you are trying to achieve.

Also, social book marking, as always is important. Small widgets are usually embedded in simple code that is readily available from whatever provider you choose- so, say you have an article or a blog about the latest political goings on in your town, and someone wants to share that with their Facebook or Twitter friends- there is no need for them to copy and paste, and deal with all of that. Instead, simple click of a widget and it is done for them. These widgets can be seen all over the web, and for many different social networking platforms, so there is a great deal of variety there to choose from. When thinking about video, you also may want to consider share ability and visibility issues as well. The easiest solution to making your video content much easier to access and more widely available is to simply upload it to Youtube.

The truth is, that no matter how great your content is, if it is easy to share, then it will be shared. If it is not so easy to share, then you may not get the citations and back links that you deserve for it, and you may find that you have created this great content but not used it to its full benefit. So, if you work out ways to make the content easier to share, then you will find that the target audience will definitely be more inclined to push it to viral and get the word out there.