Have You Tried a Custom Search?

Google-AdSense-Google-Custom-Search-oGoogle is going way above and beyond the call of a search engine- and some are nay-saying this as a bad thing, but it doesn’t really have to Amongst the changes it has made in the past few years, the Custom Search was initially launched in 2006. Those who know what they want, can easily find exactly what they want with Google’s Custom Search Engine. Now, this is actually a very beneficial thing for both customers and those looking to promote products and services for a number of reasons. Having been around for three years now, as of October 26, most who are truly in the know have already been utilizing this valuable tool- but are you hip to why this is so? Understanding a little bit about what a custom search can do for you, or for your clients and customers can help you to better understand just why this is a useful thing. There’s a reason this has become one of the most popular widgets on the internet– it’s very, very valuable.

Focused on ease of use, customizability, ranking and on demand indexing- this makes those customer and client searches much, much more fine tuned. As for what it does for your business, well, apart from it never being easier to track trends, and get the information you want as well, there are a few benefits to users being able to have that more direct search.

If you’re using proper search engine optimization, and you have things set up in a way that enables those search engines to pick up on you much more easily- well, this is where this benefits you in traffic boosts. Specializing your website and your seo, your keywords and all of the efforts you have made to get your page up there in the ranking- having this custom search at their fingertips brings things to a better focus. So, while the Custom Search itself may be three years old, if you’re not already working on an assertive approach to SEO, you may want to consider this when making that choice. Being able to reach out to the search engines is top priority in any online marketing plan, but being able to know exactly how those who are using those searches do so- very smart.

Once you have all of this together, you can then create your websites, your content and work on the keywords you need to have in place to make it easier for your site to be picked out of the rest. Having this neatly done, with a constant and steady flow of relevant content will also enable you to make use of this search function on the other side of things.