Helpful Tip For Local Targetting With MSN Adcenter Paid Ads

cancelI am making this quick post to provide everyone with a helpful tip when using MSN adcenter that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars of the course of a single year if you are running a local marketing campaign. One of our clients is a Urologist that we market locally using MSN adcenter as one of his lead generation tools. After putting him live and review the data from the first couple hundred dollars of spending I noticed a large volume of people that were searching for information on Urologist in other areas. I assume this is more than normal because he is in a snow bird area where many people have dual homes, but it can be issue regardless of where you are located. Here are just some of the demographics who may be trying to search another local but from your geographic area:
People who are traveling

People who live in more than one spot

College students home on break

parents searching for their children

Children searching for elderly parents

Competitive research

… The list goes on .

The point is that these searches should be removed from your campaigns  if possible. This issue can be easily solved in Google and their unlimited negative keywording ability. Inside of MSN however, they only give you 1024 characters to do negative removal. So you will have to choose between negative removal of citis, states, or state abbreviations. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF OUR POST! Choose abbreviations over the states! The reason is because abbreviations are searched over three times as often as full states. This mainly has to do with the fact that people are lazy when they are looking for a city. They tend to type in Orlando, fl Urologist. You also leave space for a lot more keywords when you are only using 3 characters per state (2 for abbreviations and 1 for the comma). If you want to you could take this thinking a step further and figure out which full state names get more searches than smaller state abbreviations. I am willing to be their are at least several cities such as Los Angelas that would get more searches than North Dakota. This is going to be entirely dependent on your campaigns. It would be a great topic for discussion is someone wants to take the time to put that list together. Just in case though, I am going to include a city and state list in plain text form with and without commas that you can download from the link at the bottom of this post. This is because I always have to manipulate what I find on the web to put it in usable format and it always wastes so much time. I hope this helps someone out their.

Download The States, Abbreviations, & Cities in text format Here