How Do I Submit My Online Press Release

online-press-releasesSo, you have a really great story about your company- perhaps you have a great new product that is going to change the way that people do something. You have a CEO who is attending several charity functions, or you have something about your company that you want to get noticed. You know already by now how to get your press released noticed, but if you want the vast visibility that an online press release can bring- you’re going to need to optimize it properly.

The first thing is the keywords- this is the most important aspect of any optimization task- putting them in the title, summary and somewhere towards the end of the body is good, but you have to make sure that they are natural and flow with the rest of the release. Random keywords out of nowhere are spammy and well, let’s face it that does not make any sense. I’m writing a blog about press releases and if I suddenly throw in a word about catfood, it’s going to be obvious. When I say that though, notice, in the context of this sentence, putting the word there was appropriate- what I mean, and I think we have all seen it- are the random keywords just thrown in here and there that are completely out of context.

So you have the keywords, now you have to work with your anchor text links- that is, if the site you’re distributing from allows them. Ideally, they do- but not all sites are going to give you this so be sure that you have various press releases written, tailored to the sites you are using. You have been through the keywords- and you have those three important ones in the body- so now what? You take them, and use them to link to the target web page using the keywords.

Now I have mentioned the tailor made press releases for the various places you distribute them- but what if you submit the wrong release to the wrong site? No one will ever see it, it likely won’t make it through. You really have to pay careful attention to the sites that you are using for distribution. Editors will want releases that are not only relevant, but present them with the least amount of work for their time. Format correctly, and this should be a given- but run your spell check on it, correct any grammar errors, and be sure that all of your links are appropriate and not broken.

When shopping around for distribution or submission sites, make sure that they are indexed by Google news, and that the sites themselves are already very search engine friendly. If they turn the title of your press release into the URL- and your summary becomes a Meta description, this will work out much better. As I mentioned above- if you want to have more impact, be sure that you are submitting to sites that allow for the anchor text links. You can still submit to the sites that don’t, but this will take your releases and improve your visibility.

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