How to Make a Great Video to Promote a Law Firm

kenMore often than not, when you look at the video presentations of other attorneys online, you’ll see a plethora of achievements, impressive credentials and promises of what that particular law firm can do for the client. However, there are some ways that you can utilize videos to more effectively market yourself as an attorney online. While yes, there is a manner of presenting yourself with confidence that also comes into play, this is more about the things that you want to specifically go into when making videos to perhaps present on your site, on Youtube, or other networking media.

Inform the Public of what your particular area of law really means. For instance, as a DUI lawyer, you have more knowledge and background in what the legal limit is on a Breathalyzer. You also know what you should do in the event you are pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence. An informative, short and to the point video about the steps you should take if you are arrested for a DUI would be a benefit to your site, as well as information and facts pertaining to that specific process. Of course you cannot give actual legal advice, however, you can explain some of the processes a person will go through when arrested for a DUI, you can also explain the limits and the possible legal issues stemming from that.

You can also talk about the techniques that you use to investigate, say, a traffic case, or whatever law you happen to specialize in- you know that there are some processes, some things that most people do not know about or understand. Anything that you can explain that the general public may not know, that does not violate the code of ethics where you are located is fair game.

The key here is, balancing the information you give, and doing so in such a way that the general information gives off the impression right away that you do in fact know what you are talking about. Most people want to know that the attorney they hire is competent and displaying a general knowledge of things you are actually allowed to explain does the trick for this quite well. This makes people interested in hearing more about what you have to say and helps them to respect you as a professional and, as a result, seek you out for the deeper questions you would not be able to answer in a short video or in a brief article. In this way, you develop a better rapport or initial impression before you even meet the client- first impressions are key, even in online marketing, and you make a much better one with a well put together video that has facts and information than one that is just a more pointed “All About Me.”

Your client base is looking for answers. If you have informative videos on your site or elsewhere that show that you do, in fact, have answers, you are going to be the one that they seek.

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