How To Pick Your Keywords

CB029654Getting the right keywords is a pretty big concern for anyone trying to run a sort of “do it yourself” search engine optimization plan. You can use the various tools out there, to sort of fatten your keyword lexicon, and there are a number of things that will be helpful there. However, what this all really breaks down to is relevance. If you’re looking at keywords that are searched for often, the first thing you need to consider is, are they relevant to what you have on your site? If the words that come up in your keyword suggestion box are all about ‘cats’, or ‘cat shows’, or ‘cat grooming supply’ and you’re offering CPA services, it’s probably best not to use those. I know that this sounds pretty self evident to most people, but you would be surprised at some of the questions that come up about keywords.

The best time to begin thinking about keywords is during your site design phase. As you’re building your pages- particularly the landing page, begin considering keywords as you do decide exactly what the purpose of your site is. If you are in fact promoting cat grooming supplies, then there is nothing wrong with those keywords, but as a CPA, you’d be gearing things a bit differently. First, let’s talk about the landing page. Yes, keeping it simple and clean is important- you add too much information and users will quickly lose interest. You don’t have enough, however, and this results in a serious lack of space for not only keywords, but the actual information you do need to have. Also think about phrases as keywords- the long tail keywords I have mentioned before. If you use only the phrase “certified public accountant”, you may get a few hits, but ultimately- nothing that converts into a client. Now, flip that and use, “Orlando CPA” and you’re in business. Even better, stretch this out and say something like “South Orlando CPA”. Narrow it down just as much as you can without overdoing things.

Once you have a fairly good little list going, take that list- rather than trying to research the keywords before you build the site, or before you really have the platform to display them. Take that list and research it. Once you look at this, you’ll be looking for two very specific things- firstly, how many other sites are using those keywords? And then, have a look for just how many people are actually searching for those words. You will probably also get a listing of common misspells, and this is also useful. The thing to remember, though about the commonly misspelled ones is, you can use those- but never, ever use them in your content. You want to look professional, while still catching the users who may not be so great at spelling, then it is pretty easy to put the misspelled words in other parts of your site so that the search engine picks them up- but the user does not. Put it in your content and the users you get that can spell those words may question your professionalism.