How to Set Up an SEO Friendly Website

seo-blocksKeywords are great, but did you know that the way your site is constructed also holds bearing in your SEO marketing? Being able to have a good online presence is about more than just having five paragraphs of keywords- it’s all in how your website is set up and how it comes together. Here, we’ll go into how to set up your website for the best in online marketing for attorneys.

Make sure your domain name is based on keywords. Getting a domain name that actually contains a keyword will definitely get you better results. Don’t put in any numbers or hyphens, and keep it very simple- your law firm name is always a good thing, but as opposed to, for example, try for a better keyword oriented domain name. Also, keep all of your addresses and page titles in keyword format. For instance, rather than, try, or

Keep your site clean and professional- the easier it is for potential clients to navigate, the better, and the more traffic you will encounter. Try to keep the number of clicks from homepage to anywhere on the site under three clicks. Your home page should be easy to read, simple and showcase the various bits of information contained throughout the site- as well as those keywords. Make sure that it is easy to find your contact information, and consider including an online webform for questions and contact as well.

A note on your home page and those keywords- make sure that you work on it so that your keywords are actually useful to your own particular law firm. You don’t want to use generic keywords, here but more specific terms. So rather than using ‘dui defense law’, you’d use “California Dui Defense” and similar terms that convey a more specific traffic for your target client base. You can also include something on the home page that is engaging- perhaps a list of links to frequently asked questions, or your webform for contact and the like.

Another thing that people often leave out but really shouldn’t, a sitemap. Sitemaps are just files that contain every single link on your site. When a search engine spiders through your page, it will be looking for specific keywords, and having a sitemap gets the search engine to those words faster, getting your page in the ranking much more quickly than if it was just searching through the whole site itself.

Being able to create an inviting, informative and SEO friendly website for your law firm is a very important part of being able to have a solid web presence in online marketing. If you are able to make sure that your site is not only relevant to the person keying in searches needs, but easy to navigate and clear you will find that online marketing works for you.