If You Write It, They Will Link It

Only, not so much. If you are wanting your link campaigns to grow- there are a few things you need to do. I have mentioned networking with bloggers and other things- but there’s also a vital aspect to all of this that you should probably consider if you’re wondering why all of your efforts to get those back links has not worked out for you- is your content worth linking to in the first place? Quality is something that is longstanding. You may be able to work with the search engine spiders based on the quality of your site, but you have to have a very good quality content, updated regularly to back that up. More and more of the searches are checking links, and checking other factors as well- so just having random smatterings of things that don’t really matter is well on its way to being a thing of the past. More and more are adopting better, more ethical white hat techniques as opposed to the days where you’d find page after page of random words just repeated over and over.

There are no short cuts in search engine optimization, unfortunately. A good, long term SEO campaign will be something on going- a combination of know how, expertise and excellent content and networking. It is not as easy as it looks, and understanding that it will take a little time is important. Anyone who tells you that it will happen overnight, is likely not employing proper technique and will end up doing you more harm than good- this is where SEO transparency comes in, industry wise- most of us will tell you, this is going to take a little time, and there will need to be some effort- this is for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it’s not ethical to lay it all out there as though everything is going to just be effortless and quick. For another, if you’re really wanting true results- you know that already. What most of my clients ask for are not just quick, one shot deals- they, much like anyone else, want to be able to gain the traffic, the conversions, and the sales or new clients they need and they don’t want that to just happen once, no. You want something that is on going- and that is something that ethical search optimization can in fact provide.

One of the cornerstones of this, is quality content. Sure, a huge volume of updates will give your site a quick boost- but if that content is lacking and does not give the reader what they came for, it’s not going to be anything that is consistent or strong. It’s definitely not going to result in those sales and new clients. I think the key thing to remember is, is that it is about much more than simply getting your page ranked high- it’s about visibility. This leads to you being able to convey a message. Thinking along those lines, consider the message that you are conveying with your content.