The Trends in Advertising and the Impact of Social Media

Social Media AdvertisingGone are the days when you had to pay websites to advertise your brand, or worse, stand in really long queues to book yourself an ad of your company or brand on the local newspaper. We now live in the age of free advertising. The internet is an open market where you get to advertise, buy and sell. Social media advertising has gained momentum and with almost quarter of the planet hooked with social networking, you are bound to be noticed. Advances in niche targeting and segmentation have increased the potence of social advertising to an excess of $10 Billion by 2013.

Facebook – The Beginning of a New Era in Marketing

Facebook has come a long way ever since its launch. It has not only succeeded in becoming one of the most happening social networking sites, but it has also managed to form a cohesive network for easy access to people you may know or share interests with. Facebook has recently come up with a dedicated space on its network with which to advertise and take your brand to the global platform. Advertising on Facebook gives you an edge over your competitors, especially if your brand tends to target a young audience. The majority of Facebook users are aged between 18-26, and a brand that appeals to them would sell like hot cakes. Experts see this as a beginning of a new era in marketing styles. With more and more corporate investing in social networks for market share, a rat race to the finish would not surprise anyone.


LinkedIn to the Marketing World

LinkedIn might not be as popular as Facebook, but since it majorly caters to the corporate world, it provides a narrowed scope for your advertisements. LinkedIn allows you to advertise your brand on a public scale. You can even categorize your brand, such that a target audience would be able to come across it, which would increase the chances of your brand being sold. The general perception is that the more your advertisement is clicked or noticed, the more popular it becomes. Although this is very similar to other forms of visual marketing, you might need to take more care of the minute details and make the ad more appealing. The only disadvantage of publicizing your advertisement in LinkedIn is that it does not offer a quick reward, such as the Facebook ‘like’ in one go. Your brand will be noticed, but very gradually. This makes LinkedIn a good choice for slow, but effective marketing.


The Impact of Social Media on the World of Online Advertising

The change in trends of online marketing as well as advertisements on the World Wide Web is huge. What started off as free advertising has now gone on to become one of the best advertising platforms. Advertisements now come equipped with links to popular social networking sites and also collect feedback from its viewers. As a viewer you also get to interact by participating in polls and contests and also share information. All said and done, Social Media Advertising compliments your brand. At the end of the day your brand sells only if it manages to meet the consumer’s expectation. Advertisements on social networks can bring the horse to the stable, but it does not guarantee that the horse will eat.


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