In Other Search Engine News

I know that I seem to focus a great deal on Google and Bing and I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a Google guy. I mean, come on, Google Goggles? That’s awesome. I am anxiously awaiting the announcement of the Google Earth Transporter Tool- ala, “Beam Me Up, Scotty!” But, there are other search engines out there and as much as I do talk about the two big ones, Yahoo! Actually is still doing things as well as the others. The thing that caught my eye was a really great thing that Yahoo! Is doing and just announced the “You In?” program and I think that it is definitely worth a mention.

The campaign is geared towards kindness of the random variety, and helping people to help their fellow man through some interesting incentives and it is actually a carry over of theYahoo! Purple Acts of Kindness program. Purple Acts hosts an impressive list of charities and donations made to such good causes as Project Angel Food, Donor’s Choose, Bike to Work Day and Girls For a Change.

The offshoot, “You In?” encourages users to commit an act of kindness, and then report it via . Once you’ve done that, it will automatically update your status and is sharable via Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter- and in this status is the challenge for others to commit one act of kindness as well. Then it goes on this nifty interactive map which shows the random or not so random acts of kindness not only in your area, but all over the globe.

The blog released today on Yahoo!’s official blog is an equally impressive exploration of the Green movement and environmentalism. Yahoo!, may not be the biggest contender in the search engine wars, but it definitely does not lack heart. If you get a chance, you might have a look around the Yahoo! official blog. There’s also a pretty interesting entry about their team up with Facebook and its implications on advertising, to bring things more around to on topic, but on the whole, Yahoo! definitely warms the heart. I think during the holiday season it is always good to highlight those that are doing the most good, be that large scale charity drives or even just small acts of kindness such as Yahoo! is promoting here. I know I often talk about giving and sponsoring for the link implications, but behind all of that? The good you can do is immeasurable.