InBusiness Perfect Client

How you know if your business is the perfect client to get results with InBusiness.

When InBusiness first started, like all business we took anything and everything that came our way. We needed to in order to keep the lights on. Things have changed a lot since our humble beginnings. One of the most important changes we have made is identifying which types of clients get the best results from our services, and are a good fit to work with us. Unlike most companies, we are perfectly happy with admitting that some companies are just not a good fit for how we do things. So we put together a list of characteristic that we have seen in the clients we work with that have achieved excellent results with the help of our services. If your company fits this description, you can be confident we are the team to work with.
Your companies services or products can stand on their own

Many of our strategies are based around amplifying response from a target market. If you have a hard time getting customers who use your product or service to say that they had a good experience than we may not be a good fit for you. That does not mean you have to be the market leader. We work with a lot of new companies. Your product does need to be able to stand on its own though. If it does, you will be very happy with how effective we are at getting it noticed.
You team is understanding of the fact that good things take time to plan and execute
We are not talking about moving slow. Many of the actions we take are swift and provide results quickly. What we are referring to is the understanding that allocating a budget for the planning process makes implementation significantly more effective. We must clearly define objectives, and appropriate actions.
You buy based on price and not on value
Internet marketing is like the wild west. Some charge $10/hr and some charge $300. It can be difficult to define what real value looks like. We are not interested in being compared with “Top of google for $99/month solutions”. We are a “value driven” marketing firm that only recommends services we believe will provide a strong return on investment. Getting skilled people to properly execute these initiatives requires time & effort. Our ideal customers know this, and we respect that balance by striving to provide more value per dollar than any of our competitors in any way that we can.
Your company has unrealistic expectations
The days of spending a few hundred dollars to get to the top of Google long term are gone. More markets are highly competitive online than ever before. Expecting us to achieve #1 rankings in 6 months by knocking off 3 competitors that spend triple your budget, and have done so for the past 3 years is not a realistic request (although we have done it). Online market competitiveness is defined by the value of achieving top rankings in that market. The more valuable the rankings, the larger the effort (and budget) needed to obtain and keep those rankings. (What would Bank of America pay to instantly have the #1 position for “Credit Card” ?)

The perfect Customer

You believe in your product and so does the rest of your team
Great products make online marketing a lot easier. Reviews are easier to get, building a following happens faster. It acts as an amplifier to our efforts.
You already have authority in your niche even if it is not online
It is ok if you do not, but if you, or people in your company have authority in your industry our company will be able to provide significantly more value.