Industry Trends of 09

As 2009 draws to a close, many people are considering the things they’ve done, put off, or perhaps the goals they have for the coming year- so, I thought I’d take a moment to go through some of the industry changes in search that happened in 2009. This year illustrated quite fully how fast the search engine game can change, and showed an upward spike in things- and I believe that in 2010, things will continue this upward trend. Having a glance around at other posts, it’s pretty clear that Twitter’s rise in popularity is the number one noted trend in search, but there were many other changes that took place as well.

Caffeine, and I don’t mean that new coffee pot we got in the office. Google Caffeine is a pretty interesting little tool that many have noticed quick results in. Given the comments below the post, I’d say that the update they make to it after Christmas is going to show that Caffeine can give your search engine optimization a boost. (I know, pardon the pun. The name just begs for it.) As you can see, they are still working on this- but I’ve got some pretty high hopes for this one.

Again on the Google front, the Webmaster Tools improvements this year have been nothing short of amazing. Google’s apparently been working very hard to make it as simple as possible to work on your websites, optimizing them without much need to change code at all. Several new tools introduced this year are definitely helpful and give an added user friendliness I’ve not seen in a site self publish tool set ever. On the whole, if you’re looking to Do It Yourself, this suite of webmaster tools will enable you to do so in a much better way. They also introduced the Canonicle tag– which goes a long, long way in preventing duplicate content.

Google Squared and Wolfram Alpha. Yet again, Bing and Google baring their search engine teeth at one another and SEO benefits. Both of these display content rich search results in a way that blows the doors off of traditional searches. Though not widely popular just yet, with the changes that both Google and Microsoft have been implementing to fight for that top search engine spot, I am thinking these two will be something to watch in 2010.

Improvements in JavaScript and Flash indexing. It seems to me that this is one area that actually needed a great deal of improvement. The implication on multimedia sites is pretty serious, so the more improvement, the better.