Infographics – A Better Way To Convey Information

We created this infographic on the 12 most common types of grass in the united states used in landscaping as a way of creating value to launch the landscaping blog of one of our clients Ground Source Landscaping -> Many people do not realize how powerful great content can be for helping to increase the effectiveness of outreach to the community when trying to build your businesses brand online. In internet marketing circles, people talk all the time about how to use great content to build links. Unfortunately, in the real world it is not as easy as the SEO comic books known as blogs make it out to be. For most industries, unless you are writing a ground breaking tutorial, or have knowledge of a technique that makes you cringe at the thought of handing it to your competitors, truly valuable and unique content can be somewhat difficult to come up with. Here is a baseline for what defines great content:

  • Great content either provides information to your target market that they did not know
  • Provides great content that others in your industry would find interesting
  • Takes known information and repurposes it in a new medium or different way (i.e. taking a great blog post and making it a video tutorial)
  • Talk about something controversial that will get a conversation started
  • Makes it easier to find other high value content that follows these other rules

And one final one that is specific to link building for SEO purposes

  • Content that people who have website and will link to the source will find valuable. Of course on a higher level of SEO strategy even if you attract attention from this content that does not directly correlate into links, there is a good change that it will eventually occur due to the exposure.

Here is an example of this concept in action. We created an inforgraphic on the top 12 most common grasses in the united states used in landscaping that also had information such as freezing points, speed of growth, mowing height, and cost. Here are just a few of the industries that may consider linking to, or republishing this resource:

*They are rated for their likelyhood of actually linking

  • Other landscaping companies
  • Graphic designer website & infographics
  • Schools + Educational website focusing on vegetation or biology
  • Landscaping industry journals
  • Gardening Blogs & Forums
  • Sod Farm Industry Journals
  • Government Entities
    • Environemental
    • Agriculture

Of course we have a hire resolution version of the graphic, but it is the idea of using a new representation of known information ads value. With value comes links. With links comes hire rankings. Of course like all other catalyst’s for growth, a great infographic will also need to be marketed to get the ball rolling. An outreach campaign will yields the results needed to get the ROI out of the investment.

<a href="">David Wolf</a> is the founder of InBusiness, Inc. He is also an avid entrepreneur. David is an avid reader, and an expert at SEO, PPC, and inbound marketing strategies.