Infographics! Breaking Down Their Purpose, Benefits, & How To Use Them

infographic design

infographic designDoing infographic design can be a simple process or a painfully complex process as shown by our designer Sean. The information on board is one of our most complex projects yet. Without giving away to many secrets. The project leverages every expertise our team has and will span an entire year of planning and team work. It involves outreach to key figures on our clients marketplaces, as well as feedback, blog posting, aggregation of information, and the graphical touch of putting it all together into one the best piece of single page content you wish you could convince you boss to give you the budget to make.


Wondering what an infographic is?


You are not alone. An infographic in it’s simplest form is a way of explaining complex scenario’s or large amounts of data in a visually stimulating format. They get a lot of attention, people tend to love them, and they can provide a unique perspective that can be difficult to project using words alone. The Harvard Business Journal and Popular Science use them in just about every issue. Few things grab peoples attention like an exceptional infographic.


How can you use infographic’s to help meet our clients objectives and improve the bottom line?


The question should be, how can’t you. Whether you are looking to beef up your marketing & sales materials, use them a tool to get your blog and website a lot of attention and links to help rank higher in Google, or want to use them to help your staff and clients understand complex relationships, infographics are one of the best tools around.


Looking for an example of how we have use an infographic for our clients?


We created the infographic below for Dewitt Law during the Casey Anthony trial and they were able to get national distribution from the infographic in places like the Orlando Sentinel. Looking at the inforgraphic, you can understand why any website that was covering the trial at the time would love to add the infographic.

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Casey Anthony Trial Infographic

An infographic alone is not enough! It takes something more


Having great content like an infographic definitely helps get your business and your website noticed but it is not enough to simply have good content. There is a myth that good content simply promotes itself. We call this the field of dreams approach because it puts it’s trust in the “build it and they will come approach”. Unfortunately, even the movie field of dreams had a marketing budget or no one would have watched it. Dewitt Law did not take full advantage of the opportunity that this infographic presented by not marketing it to it’s fullest extent. We did not promote this graphic at all. They got some good results, but nowhere near where they could have been for the amount of exposure this trial received. To their credit, their quality service acutally keeps them more busy than they can handle, so they weren’t looking for more attention. That doesn’t change the fact the great content is not enough. You also need to allocate resource to let the world know they exist. We have an entire bag of tricks for this type of thing. It’s what we as marketers live for.

Has this article peaked you interest in infographics? Are you looking for a way to get an edge of your competition? Are you looking for a speaker on an interesting online marketing topic for your next event? Are you an SEO expert looking for great resource? All are great reasons to contact us to have further in-depth conversation about how connecting can benefit everyone involved.


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