Is Flickr Useful for Optimization?

flickr-logoSome people have wondered about using Flickr for search engine optimization. I hear this a great deal, “Can you use it?” Considering that any image search and many links that come up via searches are via Flickr, it’s clear that the answer is emphatically yes. Not only that, Flickr happens to be remarkably user friendly, especially when compared to other photo hosting services. The pro accounts are quite possibly one of the most useful image hosting packages around, and quite inexpensive. Also, if you decide you’re going to look into Flickr, go ahead and have a look around and you’ll notice- the traffic and community on Flickr is much more sophisticated, a different demographic than many other sites you’ll find for photo hosting.
A couple of advantages that are available even to free users are an easy interface which makes for an incredibly useful photo editing tool, perfect for hosting images for blogs, articles and even social networking applications. Buttons and widgets make posting a blog off site with a photo a breeze, and the groups do open a whole new doorway for networking. By showcasing high quality photos of your company, your events, and other things relating to your business, you have another way to connect with your client base. Another good thing about having a Flickr pro account is that you can access your stats- which helps you to keep track of what’s working, and what is getting a better response.
But can you optimize it?

Definitely. Here are a few of the best ways to optimize your Flickr page and make use of it in your online marketing campaign:

•Use your company name to create a very detailed company profile- even better, if possible, use your main web site URL. Not only does this help to give your customers and client base a better understanding of the faces behind your company, but using the company name and can also rank in the search engines under searches for that name. This is quite advantageous when it comes to online reputation management. Flickr also allows for an individual web address- another area you can throw in your company name.

•Do use your images in blog posts. This will encourage site to site traffic, and if one site leads to the other, enables both to better promote your name online.

•You can optimize your photos for better results. Give each photo a name of its own, work your business name into the description, and tag appropriately. Tagging with relevant keywords is extremely beneficial and will not only be of interest to those in your target audience, but often pull in traffic due to those tags alone. Keep the tags broad, but relevant, that is the key. Also bear in mind that statistically, photos that do have well written descriptions have shown to get a much better click through rate.

•Embedding a Flickr photo stream directly to your site is a great way to promote click throughs, as well. You may however want to consider watermarking images so that link credit is assured.