Is Selling Really That Complicated?

There are a million ways to sell something. Nowadays the sales process can come in many different forms since we have websites, cell phones, facebook, twitter, and email. With all of these tools, I feel like most people are just getting caught up in the contacting tool tornado. Just yesterday I was reading about ways to maximize your LinkedIn contacts. How does all of this increase your sales?

Well, for most people it actually doesn’t. Most of the time people get caught up in a fad and incorrectly use the tools. Selling and sales often becomes a convoluted space when really, it is much more simple. Take a look at this sales diagram for instance:


This diagram definitely looks pretty but what is it actually doing for your sales? While you can look at this and make some sense out of it, the diagram provides an overview of the entire sales process and the support blocks. Do your sales people need to know this? No way. Do you, yes. However, if sales aren’t going the way you would like to see it, then you have to go back to the basics. Here is an alternate sales diagram:


If your purpose is to generate more sales, then you and your sales team need to focus on these five sales steps. Are you completely optimizing your sales process when it comes to these steps? Make sure that you simplify your sales process. When it comes to integrating things like social media, make sure you integrate them in an orderly fashion and make sure that each integration follows your five step sales process. If the additional tools that you use to contact clients does not follow your normal sales process, chances are people on both sides are just getting confused and you are just left spending more time and money on things that aren’t working for you.