Is Social Media Working For You?

Well, find out for yourself. There are a number of ways to analyze your social media networking campaigns and be able to measure just how well they are doing. We know now from a survey put out by by Mzinga and Babson Executive Education that roughly eighty six percent of all professionals have decided to somehow implement social media marketing into their overall programs. Unfortunately we also know from a similar survey that most don’t know how to measure the success of said programs to find out if they are really helping, and if so, in what way.

This may seem problematic, but, as it always is with the internet, there are ways of figuring out just how effective your social media networking really is. While there is still yet no one hundred percent sure way to measure this- you aren’t really going to be able to track it like a normal web site to see what worked where and why, there are a few tools out there to make it a bit more understandable. Here, we’ll talk about the three I’ve seen really display some impressive information about different social media networking campaigns.

First, a freebie- once again, from Google. ( Google Alerts is actually a very handy thing to have for several reasons. Here’s how it works, you key in the information you want to be alerted to, as it is indexed, it comes to your inbox. Choosing keywords and terms, or even your competitor’s information is how it begins, and then, you work your settings to send you the emails whenever you choose. This is quite possibly the easiest way to monitor your brand, company or anything else you are hoping or dreading seeing come up in the index.

Much like Google Alerts, Social Mention ( is another free utility, only this one goes a bit deeper, and brings up a list of mentions a lot like Google Alerts would, but then does more. Social Mention also shows you the tone in which it was more often mentioned, as well as how often. So, if most people were speaking highly of your brand or company- but a couple were negatively discussing it, it would show a ratio, 6:2 or something similar.

PostRank ( is another one that is really great. It actually shows very detailed information about your social media networking, how well it is working. It also integrates Google Analytics, which is useful in having all of your information in one place. It is a paid service, however, it is fairly low cost, only nine dollars a month. It’s quite possibly one of the easier analytical programs to read and understand, but it’s also very inclusive.

There are a number of other programs out there that may cost a bit more, but each can show a quite a lot about how your programs through the various social media marketing outlets you are using are working for you.