Is the Online Market Starting to Pick Up?

orlando internet marketing - online shoppingAccording to Coremetrics it is. According to this years analytics of Black Friday shopping, things are definitely on the upswing and more and more on line retailers saw a nice boom. It seems that insofar as it goes- the online economy is starting to get a little bit better as more and more feel confident about spending money on e-commerce for their products and services.

According to the study:

“The healthy jump in the average amount of money people are willing to spend online this year suggests consumers have adjusted their shopping patterns to the reality of the economic downturn. They’re thriftier, they’re savvier and every one of them wants to be the best bargain hunter out there,” said John Squire, chief strategy officer, Coremetrics. “Secondly, there are fewer on line retailers this year than last year. Those who survived the first several months of the downturn are pulling out all the stops to lure shoppers with aggressive incentives. The net effect is a jump in the amount the average person spends on line and in the number of things they’re willing to purchase per order.”

The analysis also points out that browsing time is less and less, indicating that these deals, these purchases were well researched prior to having been bought, citing the following trends:

•Browsing sessions were down by 5.4 percent
•The number of people who left a site after viewing only one page (also known as a “bounce” rate) was up by 39.4 percent
•Page views per session declined by 30.4 percent

This indicates that searches probably paid a very high factor in the way that people made their purchase research happen- that is to say, for everyone who bought a computer on line, searches for “computer” “personal computer” and the like were probably jumping- as with many other products. One more way that search engine optimization is showing a great increase in the way that people find the information, reviews and pricing that they are looking for, as well as anything else they may be looking to find. It seems pretty clear that the online world is a pretty ripe place to be promoting products- but this holds true for services as well, as the convenience of being able to research various options is made much more.

Being able to grab a hold of online marketing relies on a few simple factors: a good, clear and optimized website, great content updated regularly, and skillful application of optimization methods as they develop- and more and more do all the time. The importance of both a strong online presence as well as a great deal of marketing skill, especially as it pertains to search engine optimization and working with paid ads and the like is key, now more than ever and seems to also be increasing.