Is Your Content Humdrum?

Cruising around the marketing blogs, seeking out information can sometimes be a chore. On occasion, you’ll get an interesting, funny and witty commentary, but for the most part, nada. Press releases are another area that are vital to keeping up on the latest topics and trends, but also in keeping abreast of changes to the market. So, how does your content stack up?

If you’re running a business, right now- go to google and run a search for similar businesses. Take a look through the articles, blogs, newsletters and content they have to offer. Do you find yourself sort of nodding off? If you do, now imagine how a customer or client is looking at this- they don’t have the benefit of being passionate about the topic. Yes, having content that is rich with the keywords that will be sought out by search engine spiders is important, but you don’t have to make it so that even the Google spider’s choking trying to read through it all. Here are a few tips to make your content more vibrant, while still providing the information you want, as well as projecting a knowledge about the topics you want to share.

•Grab their eyes, first. Remember, the average internet user is probably spending about a minute on a page- unless you catch their attention. Punch up your opener with a joke, a teaser, some sort of hook that is going to grab them. Even puns can be useful, if they’re done in a manner that is actually funny.
•Keep it simple. Sure, getting their attention is important, but if you’re not providing the information they are looking for, no amount of humour’s going to keep them. Provide your information in a concise way that really speaks to your client base.
•Keep it fresh. A constant stream of quality content is key. If you’re producing a weekly newsletter, you need to have a companion blog that is updated daily. If you have columns and articles, make sure that they are consistantly updated with either latest trends, new ideas, or even just your own spin on a familiar topic. Have old articles and content rewritten regularly, to keep a steady flow of “new” topics on hand.
•Make it all searchable. Keeping your SEO tricks in mind, make sure that you aren’t flooding your content with keywords so that it doesn’t make any sense, but that you have enough to make it easy to find.

Bearing in mind that your average customer isn’t going to really be looking for the vast, technical knowledge you have of the topic, but a quick, easy answer is a good thing when creating content. Sure, having a few short articles or blogs about what you know is good, it creates trust by displaying your knowledge and capability. But, remember, in social media marketing- your customer or client is not you. So, write up the content that they want, in a way that speak their language.