Is Your Site Fully Optimized?

There is much talk about how to perfectly tweak your site so that the search engine spiders pick up on it and more talk about the different tools to use to find out if yours is up to par with what it should be. Microsoft launched a tool not too long ago, that actually is a pretty useful utility to do just this. Let’s have a look at how the Microsoft Search Engine Optimization Toolkit works, and if it might be something for you to consider in your site planning and development. Basically, what this toolkit does is check your site for violations, helps you to improve your site’s relevance, and makes recommendations to make your site much more search engine friendly.

A brief rundown from the toolkit’s page reveals that it is definitely something of interest to those just starting out in the search engine optimization game, but also, for those already working with the online marketing- something that can help them to vastly improve upon the methods they are currently using, perhaps scrap a few, and then some. The toolkit also looks for problems that may be hindering your website’s traffic and appeal, checks out your site’s compliance with common SEO recommendations, and points out any broken links or other performance issues you may have. There is also an extension that can actually hide certain aspects of your site from crawlers, manually enter different filepaths or modify those, including different wildcards. There is another aspect of the application that makes things easier for users to manage their sitemap files and indexes, keeping the search engines up to date on that data. The toolkit utilizes a crawler of its own, which makes this a very accurate depiction of how search engine crawlers and spiders will crawl through and index your site.

A quick peek at the toolkit itself actually reveals a fairly streamlined, user friendly dashboard, that is- it’s rather easy to understand what you need to do from the options listed. The descriptions of the various violations and “needs improvement” areas are quite detailed and easy to grasp, and the word and route analysis appears to be incredibly accurate and helpful as well. Configuration is rather simple and to the point, which makes this nice in set up and in use- very clear cut, easy to understand and follow the prompts throughout the use of the toolkit. The menus, options and choices given as you do run the application are fairly straightforward, and this makes it very user friendly and I do think that most people would be able to run this toolkit with very little trouble. On the whole, Microsoft Search Engine Optimization Toolkit seems to be a very handy tool to have whether you are planning your website, or already have one that you are working with to make it even better and more beneficial to your business.