It's Finally Happened

I was searching for something earlier this afternoon when the first thing that pops up on my search list was tweets! Real time search, it’s here. I was thrilled to see a Tweet from Amanda Palmer (Of ex Dresden Dolls fame) from about two minutes prior to my conducting the search. More thrilled, though, to see that it had already rolled out and had been going on- likely all day while I have been working. It was, in fact, announced via the official blog at 11:31:00 AM, today.

The New York Times also had their own fun experience with the new real time search:

“‘A search for “Copenhagen” on Google, produces the standard web results, but with a box in the middle of the page where blog items and Tweets scroll past. It updates every few seconds. A Tweet from a particular person, referencing the climate talks that began on Monday, read, ‘It’s snowing in North Beach. Explain that, Copenhagen.'” the paper reports.

This is the video from Google’s Official Blog post about it.

They also went further with another video, here, showing the “real time event”:

From the blog:
“Click on “Latest results” or select “Latest” from the search options menu to view a full page of live tweets, blogs, news and other web content scrolling right on Google. You can also filter your results to see only “Updates” from micro-blogs like Twitter, FriendFeed, Jaiku and others. Latest results and the new search options are also designed for iPhone and Android devices when you need them on the go, be it a quick glance at changing information like ski conditions or opening night chatter about a new movie — right when you’re in line to buy tickets.”

Very snazzy, Google. This is going to go a very long way in bettering the use of social media marketing and making it a more prominant contender when it comes to online marketing campaigns. Including sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and others in the mix is going to rattle things around and really make the marketing implications of social media explode in the coming year.