Justia & LexBlog For Internet Marketing – Why They Aren't The Best Option

Ever wonder how Justia and Lexblog market attorney websites and get their clients high Google Rankings? Why is it worth it to pay $1,000 or more a month to have them do your law firms internet marketing? This article will give you a quick explanation of the process, its benefits, and its limits.

Both Justia and LexBlog has a very extensive network of legal practices that have created blogs to market their practices. The power of these to networks comes from the fact the single most important factor in how Google and other search engines rank websites is the number quality websites that link to your website. Since Justia and LexBlog both have large networks of quality websites as their clients, they link them together using a blog-roll (This is list of related blogs) and this builds back links to your legal website.

The benefit of using these systems is many of the links that are obtained would be very difficult to achieve without the system. We are advocates of lawyers using systems like Justia because it can give them a great jumpstart in getting quality links to their websites. Here is where the benefits start to get outweighed by the negatives.

Unfortunately the blog roll rarely changes. That means you are getting links back to your website (the most important factor in ranking well) each month on all the pages being published by the other Justia clients with your website on their blog-roll, but you are not getting any new websites that are linking to you. Many studies have been done by respectable members of the SEO community to show that the value of getting additional links on a website that already links to you is much lower than getting additional sites to that do not link to you to do so. This means that most value you are going to get out of using Justia for your legal marketing is really almost right out of the gate.

The second main issue with these companies as your sole internet marketing solution is that they market numerous law firms in the same city for the same services. Do you expect Justia to allow you to outrank their own client that has been paying the same monthly fee as you for over 3 or 4 years? You shouldn’t because it isn’t going to happen.   This is where a firm like InBusiness Internet Marketing can help your firm get over the hump and get those additional needed links to dominate your market.

We go outside of the networks that justia and lexblog create to get as many quality legal websites as possible to link to you. This can provide a huge advantage over other Justia and LexBlog clients, and give you the edge you need to take the top spot in your field. Want proof? Contact us today and we can explain the processes we will use to help your business steal the digital spotlight.


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