Keeping in Touch with Customers with UserVoice

For a small business, one of the biggest challenges can be providing adequate customer support with a limited staff.  You want to be able to focus on growing your business, but you cannot leave your current customers behind along the way.  You need to be able to efficiently handle customer questions, address issues and monitor feedback efficiently.

UserVoice is the perfect tool for doing just that.  It allows you to keep tabs on and organize feedback from your customers, which is important enough, but it provides even more than that.  It allows your customers a chance to vote on the suggestions made by other visitors.  That way you can get a better idea of what your overall customer base would like to see from your business.  This takes a lot of guesswork out of trying to determine what new ideas would have the broadest appeal for your customers.

How UserVoice works is pretty simple, too.  It doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part, which again makes it ideal for small businesses.  UserVoice works as a widget inserted into your website code.  Once in place it captures feedback from your site and provides you with an easy to navigate display.  UserVoice does seem to meld pretty seamlessly into general website formats so it doesn’t impact the user experience of your site.

You can set up your own voting system to allow your customers to voice their opinions on feedback left by others.  The highest ranked ideas are grouped together at the top of the results so that you easily see what your customers want most from you and your business.  Again, everything about UserVoice is pretty streamlined and user-friendly, which is part of what makes it such a great social media tool.

You may be asking how a feedback page constitutes social media.  Surely voting on feedback is only social in the broadest sense.  And that would be true if it stopped there, but it doesn’t.  UserVoice allows you to actually set up discussion forums from your feedback page.

You can use the forums you  establish to engage your customers one-on-one.  You can directly respond to your customers concerns, desires and ideas or you can let you customers interact and see what ideas they can brainstorm on their own.  Users will also get weekly email updates on threads they have participated in on your site.  This keeps them engaged and keeps your business foremost in their minds.

That is probably the best part about using UserVoice.  You really do get a chance to make an impression on your customers by giving them, as the name implies, a voice.  Nothing says, “I care,” quite like listening.  This tool allows you to send the message that you are willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of your customers while really making the customer service end of your website (and business) much easier.


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