Keeping It Simple: Facebook Page Creation And More

facebook_logoI have talked before about not only the impact that social media marketing has on businesses, but why those with Facebook pages are on the fast track to making the best of it. I was on the phone with someone the other day and he had mentioned that he attempted to set up his business Facebook page- but failed. He was asking my advice because apparently, Facebook page creation is remarkably difficult . It’s easy to set up a personal page, but not so clear on how to set up a business page, so I decided to give a basic run down of the mechanics of setting one up for your business.

The reason it can be a bit tricky to find is that most of us have personal Facebook pages, and if you do- your cookies may have you auto signed in before you see that on the Facebook homepage, there’s a link that reads: “Create a Page”- it’s down there under the green “sign up” button. The alternative way is to scroll all the way to the bottom of the Facebook page, even when signed in, find the ‘advertising’ link, click on it and from there, at the top- there’s an option that reads, “Pages”. You can then either read on, or click the “Create a Page” button to get started. Option three, is from any Facebook page, if you scroll to the bottom left, there you’ll find a link that reads, again- “Create a Page”.

Going from there, the instructions walk you through the rest, but don’t skip or scrimp on any of it. Make your Facebook page just as detailed as you can. Let’s talk about profile pictures, first. Make sure that your profile photo, the default that everyone sees is optimized. Yes, you can do it. Believe me, if it can be optimized, I’ve found the way to do it. If you’re using a logo with key information, keep said information within the bounds of a 12 pixel border around all sides. This way, nothing is lost in the thumbnail.

I’ve mentioned before, be sure that your information is clear, clean, offers links to your domain and then some, but, also, it’s important to make sure it is all current. Contact information needs to be easy to find and access- better still if you have a staff member who is willing to be contacted via their Facebook page. There’s a reason for that- this is social media marketing, and if you try to take the “social” out of it, you’re going to waste your time. Ask questions, start conversations, become a fan of multiple pages and then some. If you’ve got Facebook friends who are within your business who are also fans of your page- whenever you upload photos of them, make sure you’re tagging them appropriately.

One last thing- don’t update that status message every five seconds. This is a fast track to the “ignore” button, again wasting your time. However, make use of an RSS feed for your blog. Doing this, every time you do update that off Facebook blog, your Facebook page will display it, linking back and forth.