Keeping Up With SEO

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
Albert Einstein

With search engine optimization, it’s an ever changing game. Every day, you will hear something new, there is some new tip or trick being picked up, some new change to the way that the search engines rank, the things they will exclude, and more. However, there are a few common misconceptions about search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and search engine advertising. All too often you will hear people use these terms interchangeably, when they aren’t, really. The overall objective of any good search engine optimization campaign is to increase your traffic, first, yes- however, if you are wanting it to be more than just heading the list with the searches, and you want the conversions- you’ve got to know the rules of an constantly evolving game. Let’s look at just what SEO really is.

Search Engine Optimization refers to writing, designing and using HTML coding in a web site to boost its chances of getting at the top of the search engine pages- this is by and large dependent on a few things, and if you want your page or site to hit the lists for the phrases and keywords in your niche, SEO works with a few things. Using a spider friendly sort of site navigation, url structure, and keyword rich text is a good place to start, but also, working with link popularity and useability. If you want those customers and clients in your specific industry or your target audience to find your site using search, you’ll need to make sure that you have run your analytic, and are using the best keywords. Of course, the searches use the HTML text they find, text that’s in or around your hypertext links and in the page title- but, while metatags get a lot of talk, most searches don’t use that to determine how relevant a site is.

Structure is one of the key components to a well put together website. Understand that the search has to be able to find your text. The way that you link each page- for instance, I have mentioned having a side bar with your full site navigation links, clear and clean helps, is important. The way that you’re linking each page to one another has a huge impact on the way that the search engine sees your site. If they cannot crawl through the site because your URL structure is bad, or there is some sort of technical issue with it- you may want to consider working with paid inclusion. This means that you’re guaranteed to be in the index, and that the search will be refreshing the content more often. Problem with paid inclusion is that it doesn’t really mean you’re going to get good placement- so you still have to optimize, and this is still important.