Keyword Basics

Let’s have a little talk about keywords, their use and a basic run down of what anyone who is working on search engine optimization needs to know about them. One of the best things to understand is that you can have all the great content on your site, you can have it jazzed up with graphics and then some- but if you are not aware of your keyword use, the “keyword percentage”, you aren’t giving it everything you have got when it comes to search engine optimization.

This is not to say that you have to optimize in a way that makes your every paragraph look ridiculous. For instance, everyone has seen the sites where every sentence has a keyword- and you know that’s what they are doing because they repeat themselves. This isn’t beneficial, nor does it achieve the objective in the search engine’s eyes- use a phrase too much and it will lose relevance. If you use your keywords, but you’re only using them in your titles, and in your meta tags- again, this is not going to give you the full benefit of what that content could be. Think about it like this, would you rather drive a Porsche or a bicycle on the Autobahn? If you are not optimizing your content to its fullest potential, you may want to peddle faster.

If you have a look around there are many, many different things you can do to optimize your content to its fullest potential- so much so that there are books on this topic in and of itself. So, to break it down to a few really good tips in a blog, it’s a bit of a challenge. First, as I’ve talked about before, make sure that you have researched those keywords and researched them well. Get into the heads of your target audience and think about what they are going to key into that search bar- those are the phrases you want to look into more deeply.

When it comes to density though, this is where some people have a bit of a problem. It’s generally best if your pages each contain at the very least, 250 text based words. Most schools of thought say that you need to make sure that your keyword density is roughly anywhere from five to fifteen percent. So, if you have several phrases that you’ve chosen for keywords, or even your long tail keywords- space them out a bit within the pages. The best place to put the highest density is in fact near the top, but be careful to keep it at not targeting too many of these phrases, or you will end up having to write more. If you’re writing blogs or articles, this can be a great thing, but if it’s just your web pages, you want to be a bit more brief than that. Also, making use of links for this is a smart thing. For instance, use one of your keyword occurrences to link to a relevant page on your site, about that topic.