Let's Have a Look At Facebook Connect

Facebook ConferenceFacebook Connect is something I had intended to write about because it has a great and wide range of significance in marketing, particularly as it pertains to social networking, but also, the mobile marketing implications behind this as well. Already, Facebook is the hands down winner when it comes to mobile phones and other hand held devices because it is fairly easy to bring up Facebook and its apps via smart phones and pretty much anything else mobile- so, to me, this is a huge benefit with mobile marketing. Currently the application is gaining a great deal of steam, with well over 80 thousand different websites and users already making use of this app via different mobile platforms. As a matter of fact, it has gained such popularity that the Huffington Post has already launched their own Facebook Connect section- known as the Huffpost Social News.

In a statement, the Huffington Post reveals the motivation behind this announcement:

In short, the news has become social. And it will become even more community-powered: stories will be collaboratively produced by editors and the community, and conversations, opinion, and reader reactions will be seamlessly integrated into the news experience.

If you’ll check out the link to the application’s landing page, this is already getting some pretty big notice. Three statements are shown, one from Slate’s The Big Money proclaiming this to be The Future of Journalism, one from, an online news source, states that it, Improves the social experience, friends will have the feeling of speaking to one another, and then, lastly one fromThe San Francisco Chronical stating: combines the draw of online news and opinion site with the growing infludence of Facebook.

In other words, people are pretty excited about all of this- and there is no reason that your business cannot utilize this powerful, and more to a point, free application in your own social media networking. If you were thinking that you could not connect with the sort of demographic that uses Facebook, you may want to rethink that notion. Many different conservative and liberal talk radio commentators are on Facebook, as well as a wealth of musicians, politicians and people from virtually all walks of life- all over the world, for that matter. Applications range from as cheesy as Farmville, to as useful as birthday reminders and yes, Facebook Connect and then some. Having a look around it is becoming increasingly clear that the social networking site has become a very serious contender in sites that most people belong to and visit multiple times every single day. Why miss out on such a strong marketing potential like this with such low overhead?