Link Building Tips

Chain LinksQuite possibly one of the easiest and multifunctional things that you can do for your website is to host quality content. No matter what you’re promoting, having good content not only builds a really solid area to further build up your keywords, but it also fosters trust in you as someone who can talk about, discuss and offer free information for those who may be browsing- which is a very good thing in SEO because in doing this, you get new hits, building your organic ranking, putting it up there in the search engine pages so that those who may want to use your services, or buy your products will find you faster.

In respect to link building, first you need to know what link baiting is, exactly. This is something I’ve mentioned various times and I think that it’s important to define it before we go further. Link baiting, is essentially just creating content that others will want to link back to- content that appeals so much so that they feel that they need to spread the word. Before you begin to think about what sort of content you are looking to put on your site, consider the following criteria: does it contain your keywords in a reasonable fashion, is it informative and interesting and does it seem like the sort of thing one would share?

You find this out by utilizing a number of tools that were developed just for this purpose- prior to building the site content, as a part of your marketing plan, you do need to do a little digging and homework, to find out what it is that people are responsive to, and how you can implement it, yourself. Finding this is pretty easy, once you’ve got a good idea as to what is working, you can then continue on to look for what the common threads about the ones that are working are and how you can use those things yourself.

Search Engineland has an absolutely great post on this very subject- A Guide To Qualifying Link Prospects For Relevance, Value & Potentiality. Garrett French gives a great, in depth look at the core problem with link building, including a link building worksheet that is definitely worth a look.

Being able to brainstorm topics relating to your product or the service you provide can definitely help. Anything really, that relates to what you do or what you sell, you can explain it in more detail, illuminate and clarify and there will be many people who want to have that sort of information. It may seem a little bit stymieing but it does not have to be, really- because if people are searching out the keywords that relate, and can illustrate in your content- you’re half the way there, the rest is just making sure that it is written or presented in a fashion that is better, or somehow more interesting than your competition.