Local SEO Link Citation Analysis Worksheet

If you read my stuff you should know that I am big fan of what Ontolo is working on over at They are the first team to focus on efficiency of high quality link building which I believe signifies a major milestone in the maturation of an industry. They realized that the authoritative positions for industry insight were taken by the likes of SEOmoz, searchengineland, searchenginejounal, etc. and decided to make their mark on SEO by improving work efficiency as opposed to which work is done. I highly suggest reading their link building guide. It is by far the most function piece of digital pulp I have read yet. Ontolo is big on providing valuable free tools like productivity worksheets for excel and one of their latest offerings was a Local SEO citation analysis worksheet. It was great, but I suggested a few tweaks (actually it was just one) and the end result is an ever better worksheet that Garret told me to drop on our site and grab some much appreciated link juice.

–> LocalCitationOpportunityAnalysisWorksheet

Is the excel sheet for download. You can check out other great link building worksheets at on the Ontolo Link Building Worksheets Page.