Low Quality Back Links

One of the most frequently run acrossed issues that I have been seeing with many do it yourself SEOs and even some so called professionals is the problem of low quality back links. Now, you know that it is important to have back links, this means that people are linking back to your site and your content. However, there are certain sites you may not want sharing your content- and while to some degree this is unavoidable, there are ways around this. It’s important to make sure that the back links you’re getting reflect your own site and company reputation, so here are a few things you can do to sort of deflect some of the more negative ones.

First off, one thing to understand is- you don’t have to have your link thrown around all over the internet to get good organic results. It’s just one factor. And while back links are a very good thing to do, it’s not necessary to go plastering your link anywhere you can. Actually- this is a very bad idea, and is construed as most to be spammy, but it’s worse when the back link comes from a bad site, or something that may cause harm to your reputation. Having said that, it never hurts to have a look at the website that is linking back to yours and see about contacting someone to have it removed, first. The reason you want to be concerned about this is, well the most obvious being the situation where you’re just not wanting to be affiliated with that site. It stands to reason, if you’re working in a certain field, having yourself associated with certain things would be bad. But, there’s more to it than that.

Other reasons you may consider getting your links removed from sites are if they have your link listed amongst a bunch of spammy looking links, this is a common tactic. They throw in a bunch of links to try to make themselves more legit looking- it doesn’t work, no one is really sure why they think that it does, but they still try. Problem is, when you are that legitimate site, you suddenly look spammy by association.

Google actually suggests rather than focusing too much on these negative back links and worrying that having them deleted is going to hurt your numbers, to use their tools- namely their website optimizer to have a look at other ways to beef up your numbers, figuring out what gets the most attention on your site and going after that. They also suggest you file a spam report, or use their paid links report. However, the truth of the matter is, while low quality back links can be a problem, they are a short lived one. So most of all, when you see them, don’t get too worried, they’ll go away in time.