Mobile Marketing

For a business to have a presence in the mobile phone market,  mobile marketing has never been more important. We develop mobile applications, mobile marketing strategies, and mobile device optimized websites that improve the usability for visitors using a plethora of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

Mobile device usage, and notably application usage, continues to grow and will continue doing so for years. Through improved accessibility and usability, businesses are increasing their base of exposure to several other mediums. These efforts will also help to increase their search engine optimization efforts.

Over the past several years since smart devices have been developed with web browsing capability, the amount of traffic to websites from mobile devices has increased exponentially. The websites that took the time to optimize for mobile visitors have the highest amount of retention metrics like “time on site” and “page views per visit”.

Retention metrics like those are key performance indicators of quality and relevance among search engines. In a nutshell, the longer viewers are on a website, the more likely that website will be positioned in a higher search position.

That was just one example of how optimizing a website for mobile search can influence search engine rankings. Most importantly though, mobile website optimization helps visitors read the content and easily find a phone number or email address.

Mobile marketing includes user-centered design tactics that go well beyond the typical marketing campaign. Knowing this, we create mobile optimized websites and/or applications that fit the constraints of the smaller screens and have the ability to track and monitor visitor interaction. In summary, by using mobile marketing best practices we optimize the accessibility and usability of your website and other internet-based assets specific to your business goals.

Mobile Marketing Optimization Goals:

  • Get your business inside of someone’s phone
  • Increase retention of current clients
  • Expand the reach of your brand through the largest medium

Smart phones will be the next wallets! Just think of all the possibilities!

As we know when people are on the move, they are typically never without a phone that can now act as a computer. This has opened up a new area for internet marketing that can be extremely exciting and very profitable for businesses of any size.
*Note: The individuals or businesses that act the earliest in this quickly growing market will be able to adjust to new opportunities as the mobile market diversely expands.

Mobile Marketing and Development Services We Provide:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Optimize website design for high quality performance and usability
  • Mobile Application Promotions
  • Mobile Marketing Campaigns (i.e. Pay per click ads, QR Codes, and other strategies)
    • Online and offline strategies to increase your business reach and relevance

Tip: The sooner one can launch a paid mobile marketing campaign the better.

Mobile marketing is becoming more and more mainstream. As more businesses create their campaigns,  the competition increases – as do the rates. Act now and get the biggest bang for your buck. Contact us today to see how we can help get a mobile marketing campaign started for your business!

Believe us when we say, “Your future is in THEIR hands!”