Mobile Marketing?

_cell phoneA big trend that seems to be all over the place, and yes, pun completely intended, is mobile marketing. If you read around the various feeds and journals, you’ll find that this trend is huge right now for various long winded sorts of reasons- but they all boil down to the same thing: Instant Gratification. See? Look, you don’t have to throw out a bunch of statistics and write a twenty page missive about how great it is for someone to get the information they want, right when they want it. It just comes down to people want it, and they want it now- and those who provide it in that way, come out on top.

I was reading a few really great things about how this applies to searching out what you want- that’s right, it boils right back down to Google. If you’re on your smart phone of choice, and you’re out and about looking for a great restaurant- you’re probably not going to want to touch screen through twenty pages, right? Right. So, when you think about your internet marketing campaigns- consider this and consider it well. Because being at the top of your SEO game gets you into mobile marketing, whether you realized it or not. So, when you’re considering how you’re going to set up your SEO marketing, you’re considering also, those who aren’t sitting at home on a desktop computer, but those who are on the go. Ideally, all of the things that apply to regular marketing also apply to mobile marketing- you want to keep your site simple, clear, trustworthy and without a bunch of clutter.

One of the greatest things about SEO as it pertains to mobile marketing, is that if you’re doing SEO correctly, then it flows. As in the example above, if you have the best Italian restaurant in town, and people are talking about it- your name gets out there, yes. However, if your site contains simple directions, is clear, and maybe has information about the menu options, pricing? Search engine spiders grab on to that, and the simpler it all is, the faster they do so. In mobile marketing, this can mean all the difference.

Given the recent push towards social marketing, mobile marketing and the longstanding use of the web to advertise, there’s a pretty singular sort of message that comes out as well: you have to have a marketing strategy. If you do not, then you may end up wasting your time. The first thing to consider, going back to the example there, is how would <i>you</i> feel about the ad options, or about your own website, were you searching for it on your mobile device? Or if you were just in a hurry? Is it easy for you to look at your website and find the things you’d need if you were doing it last minute? If it isn’t, re-do it. User friendly instant gratification seems to be the name of the game these days, and it’s not one you want to lose.