Mogreet and Mobile Marketing

Have you ever considered the implications of having your videos presented on cell phones all over the country, as well as the world? Have you been considering making a few videos to perhaps kick start a viral marketing campaign? Now is a better time than ever to do just that- and the implications of a mobile marketing campaign inherent in this have never been better. So, just what is it that Mogreet has done?

Understanding first that Mogreet was the company behind the very first mobile video messaging platform is important- however, with the new release, Americans can now receive targeted Mogreet video MMS messages from your marketing team on almost every phone- from things like the Iphone to regular flip phones. But not only that, the same platform makes it so that users can measure the effectiveness of that plan in real time, so you instantly know the results of your campaign.

According to the press release:
Mogreet clients routinely experience open
rates, video views and click-through rates 15 to 25 times higher than other forms of advertising media. And by virtue of the fact that mobile customers react to text messages in 20 seconds on average — versus hours or days for email — brands see results almost instantly.

The release also goes on to say that James Citron, CEO, Mogreet feels that, “It’s 1993 all over again, only this time, rather than email, the race is
on to harness mobile to build a direct relationship with the end consumer. The ability to deliver your message in
video to just about every mobile phone in the U.S., and not just smart phones with Internet plans, means marketers are not forced to sacrifice reach when they add mobile to their marketing mix.”

What does this mean for your average online marketing campaign? It means if you want to keep up with the advancing technology, you need to have excellent content, including really powerful and informative videos to keep up with the rest of the pack. Being able to not only implement all of the various online marketing techniques and working with SEO is one thing- but it has become apparent as more and more technologies appear that it may not be enough for long. If you’ve got an internet marketing campaign going, you’ll have to make sure you stay on top of everything. Making sure that you have excellent videos, content and much more in your website as well as keeping your marketing itself fresh and exciting- these are all key things to consider when you are looking at your own plans- because this is just one of many innovations that are going to make online marketing an essential part of any business in the coming years. It is already booming, now, but as more and more things like this come out, you will find that keeping up with the competition means being able to manage your online marketing in an up to date way.