Monitter Keywords on Twitter

Twitter is a truly awesome social networking and micro-blogging tool.  If you aren’t using Twitter to promote your business then you are really missing out on a powerful marketing tool.  As far as social media goes, it just doesn’t get much easier or more convenient than Twitter.

Twitter is so great in fact that today, just 4 short years since its inception, almost everyone and their dog “tweets”.  No, seriously, people tweet for their pets.  It’s terrifying.  Unfortunately, hooking up with valuable new connections or finding out who’s talking about you (or your competitors) can be challenging when you have to wade through a sea of mind-numbing tweets about Little Johnny getting an A+ on his spelling test or the news that Muffy has worms.

Enter Monitter.

Monitter is a powerful, easy to use tracking tool that allows you to monitor, in real time, multiple keywords on Twitter.   It has a pretty simple interface.  You simply enter your keyword(s) and Monitter presents you with a columnar presentation.  The side-by-side columnar setup allows you to track each of your independent keywords on a single page, with no need to shuffle between tabs or windows.

Monitter has a number of practical uses, ranging from satisfying simple curiosity to being a valuable research tool.  On the most obvious level, Monitter allows you to track mentions of your name, your business name, employees, etc. quickly and easily.  This gives you instant access to the word-of-mouth that can make or break your business.  In a world where rapid info sharing can break a business faster than you can say “reputation management”, forewarned really is forewarned.

Of course, hopefully it isn’t all bad.  Ideally all of your mentions are glowing endorsements, in which case you can easily see what you are doing right, so that you can duplicate it in the future.

Monitter can also be used to help you expand your social network  by interest in specific keywords.  Let’s say you want to find Twitter users interested in yellow fluffy bunny slippers so you can promote your new line of ultra-leisure wear (hello casual Friday!).  Key it in and you have a instant access to a perpetually updating list of any tweets (and more importantly, tweeters) who mention said slippers.

The only drawback is that if you use a very popular search term you’ll end up with a column scrolling past faster than you can read (I don’t recommend following the word “Twitter” if you are prone to seizures).  Even this drawback has it’s upside as you can use this to evaluate the strength of keywords for your Search Engine Optimization efforts.  It may take some trial and error and a healthy dose of specializing keywords to hit on the right combination for tracking and finding users for network building purposes, though.

Monitter has a number of features to help you modify and specify your tracking.  You can Monitter by specific location or language, to eliminate superfluous tweets, and can add addition keywords or perform and advanced search to help narrow down your results.  Monitter also allows you to view your results via RSS feed.  One of Monitter’s coolest features, though, is that it provides you website widgets that allow you to add a real-time keyworded tweet feed directly to your website so you can show visitors what others are saying about your business, product or other keyword of interest.