More Blog Optimization Tips


When you are optimizing your blog for both the search engines, and the users- you find that this combination is a definite win. You can make it easier for your viewers to come back to your blog, to get into discussions and also, help them not have to deal with the complications and other issues that your competitor sites may have. There are quite a few ways to do this, and understanding that getting those repeat visitors is what makes the difference. These are the ones who become your blog following, and those who will be more likely to share the information that they find. You really don’t have to compromise optimizing for search and optimizing for user at all. Just follow these tips and you will find that it all comes together nicely for better traffic.

First of all, if you have a really heinous color thing going on, it has to go. You may think that a bold, brightly colored site is sure to catch attention when in fact, all it really does is make it hard to read your site. This is particularly true of blogs and forums. This is one of those areas though that really depends on the products and services you provide. However, if you want to look professional, softer shades, earth tones and complimenting color schemes generally work out much better than hot colors and brightly lit text. When you’re working on how to set your blog  up, do consider going with a different design. Plain templates blogs may be easier, but they are not all that appealing- either hire someone on to make it unique or look for some of the different templates out there that are available.

If you are not RSS available and you want your blog to be spread- make sure that you have it done. If your blog site doesn’t automatically enable this, you can add it yourself- it’s fairly easily done, and this will make it so that you can put the link where people ca find it. Put it together with the rest of your side bar information and this makes it much easier for your users to access that, and to subscribe to your blog. Once you do this, make sure that you have those big, orange RSS buttons. They may not go with your site theme colors, but that’s what people usually look for- and the one click ease with which they make subscribing definitely helps. Also bear this in mind for things like connecting via Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Also put in a place where they can subscribe to your posts via email- because not everyone wants to deal with RSS, and some prefer to receive posts in this manner.

Of course, there are always the requisites- make sure that you have paragraph breaks to break up long points, use spell check, and are careful if you share links that they are active links. All too often a good post with a great supporting link is derailed by a broken link.
These are just a couple more ways that you can optimize your blog working with both the searches and the user experience.