More Tracking Tips

A big benefit of working with an online presence is that you have the ability to have a greater insight into those customers and clients that show interest in your business. You can find out their demographics, you can tell exactly what it is they are looking at and how long they spend doing so, and having all of this is a great value because it helps you to better gauge exactly what you need to change, what is working, and what isn’t. If you have pages that aren’t working, this information can help you to figure it out and you can either scrap them, or make some needed changes based on what you know about your over all optimization program.

I am going to focus on using Google Analytics because it is in fact a very good, free resource that can help you to figure all of these things out. When you’re wanting to set up an account, you sign up and if you already have a pay per click campaign through Adwords, you link the two together. Then, take a small bit of HTML and add it into the end of the web page you want to measure- you’d put it in there right before the </body> tag at the very end of all of your code. It runs on a twenty four hour sort of delay, so if you set it up on Monday morning, by Tuesday morning, you’d have your statistics for Monday and so on and so forth.

Then, you begin to collect the information- you want to pay attention to the following areas:

•Unique visitor: This shows just how many people are visiting your sites. If you are only getting a couple of users here and there, you may want to think about using your PPC to hit the target landing pages- but also, work with your keywords to find better ones,  to boost them a bit.

•Page view: every time someone downloads a page from your site, this is a page view. If someone refreshes the page, that’s another.

•Referrers: this really just refers to where the visitor came from- if they came from a search engine, it will say, if it was from another blog, or ad- this information is extremely useful. If you discover through the course of your research that one particular site is bringing you a great number of hits- you might offer to guest blog, you may look into other sites that are similar- the possibilities are really infinite here.

•Search terms: this is another area where you can figure out exactly what is working- and a great one. The ones that bring you the most hits, these are the ones you can carry over onto your other keyword-centric ad campaigns.

•Entry and Exit pages- these are not going to be home pages, these will be the landing page that brought your visitor in, and then, the page they look at before they leave- both are great information, because if you notice that perhaps this is a trend, you can tailor your site accordingly.