Most Popular Searches of Bing and Google

2009 was a banner year for big things happening, there is no doubt. From celebrity deaths to scandals, the year brought a lot of things that searchers wanted more information about. Looking at the trends through the search engine’s eyes, it’s very clear that there were a couple of things that made the tops of everyone’s “must know” lists. Having a look at these is all in fun, and it provides an interesting insight into what it is that the bulk of the populace is having a look at on the internet.

Tops of the Searches: Understand, first, that these are the fastest rising searches- that is, those that gained popularity the most quickly.

The very top of the list of Bing searches was Michael Jackson, followed by Twitter, Swine Flu, Stock Market, Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze, Cash for Clunkers, Jon and Kate Gosselin, Billy Mays and Jaycee Dugard. The top three most searched people, however, were Perez Hilton, Robert Pattinson and Megan Fox. Oh, and in case you were wondering, as far as Bing users were concerned? Rush Limbaugh came at the top for most searched political figure, followed by Barack Obama, Michael Savage, Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama. With Google, it began at the top also with Michael Jackson, followed closely by Facebook, tuenti, Twitter, Sanalika, New Moon, Lady Gaga, Windows 7, and torpedo gratis. There is also a really interesting thing on Google Zeitgeist which lines up all of the searches and where they stand- though I have to admit upon seeing that list, I bumped a couple of those up the list just to see exactly why they were so popular. When I figure out the New Moon popularity, I’ll get back to you. Over on Bing- New Moon actually came in second under Twilight, so apparently, not everyone was hopped up on the sequel. After that came Harry Potter, Transformers and Star Trek for the most searched movies on Bing.

This list also brings up the most searched celebrity Twitter accounts. Are you ready for this? Miley Cyrus was the top of that list, and the three celebrity scandals that really lit up the search were Rhianna’s domestic violence issue with Chris Brown, Jon and Kate Gosslin’s divorce, and lastly, Kanye West’s interruption of Taylor Swift at the VMAs.

While I can’t find this information on Bing’s searches, the funny polar opposite of the “Most rising” list, is their “Most falling” list. I found it more than a little chuckle-some that opposing Twitter was Barack Obama. So, while the President of the United States lost search engine popularity, a microblog climbed up in popularity.

So, in 2009, as the year comes to a close, we remember those things that we just could not stop staring at, the spectacle, and search and the explosion of information that came with it.