My Absolute Favorite PPC Tool For Do It Yourselfer's

PPC can be a bit tricky. One of the spots that most marketers fail to attack is the geographic long tail keywords. Local marketers will often market using large city keyphrases such Orlando Urology, but rarely pay attention to the smaller municipalities around such suburban area. Orlando example is actually made up of over 20 small cities combined into a larger demographic due to proximity. That does not mean that everyone will use the term Orlando though. Many will use a more direct term to them such as altamonte springs urologist. So why do most users not take advantage of this? Because they either have not thought about it, or they can’t find a way to make it easy and quick enough to justify the time to do it.

“In Pops My Favorite Tool Of The Month For PPC Marketing”

We are actually working on a version of this put on our own site, but for now I will link you to the creator of a very powerful tool. It is also great when generating tags, and keywords research.

This feature allows you to entire a zipcode and a radius along with several keywords and it will at all the cities that may be searched within that areas. What does that mean? Cheap PPC traffic no one else is targetting. Give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised.