New Year's Resolutions for Business Owners

10 Resolutions for 2010 (or pick your year) for Business Owners

1. I will thoroughly evaluate my employees and will either re-assign, re-train or remove those who are not where they should be according to our company vision.

2. I will stop wasting time checking my email every couple of minutes.

3. I will not eat lunch while working.

4. I will respect my time and not use it for things someone else can do for me more efficiently.

5. I will respect my employee’s time and not ask them to do something they are not capable of doing.

6. If I am at the office and I am not accomplishing much I will take a short break or go home all together.

7. I will set up my company to run without me and be more profitable and valuable.

8. I will only go to the office when is imperative, not because is 8:00 AM and I will stay until all I need to do is completed, not earlier, not later.

9. I will define the company’s corporate vision and set it to fit my personal/family lifestyle.

10. I will own my company…..I would not allow my company to own me.