Are You Finding It Harder To Generate Quality Sales Leads For [company]?

Do you see the same trends as what Forrester Consulting describes in the Lead Generation market survey?

Buyer behavior becomes more unpredictable as customers trust advice from online sites, user-generated commentary, and expert strangers more than traditional media outlets and supplier communication.

The buying dynamics for complex B2B sales have changed. Buyers now take longer to decide, include more people in the decision-making process and spend more time gathering information.

The sooner in their decision making cycle [company] gets in front of them, the better the chance they will get the sale at the end.

The New Decision Making Process

  • 48% Utilized a wider variety of sources to acquire information at various stages of the buying process than during previous purchases
  • 48% Took more time to research their buying options
  • 36% Did more detailed analysis of costs/ROI on their own
  • 30% Had more internal team members provide input
  • 27% Relied more on live customer feedback & recommendations

New Influences in the Buying Process

  • 78% started with informal info gathering
  • 59% engaged with peers who addressed the challenge
  • 48% followed industry conversations on topic
  • 44% conducted anonymous research of a select group of vendors
  • 41% followed discussions to learn more about topic
  • 37% posted questions on social networking sites looking for suggestions/feedback
  • More than 20% connected directly with potential solution providers via social networking channels

At InBusiness, Inc. we understand the change in buying behaviour and we understand how to leverage online Lead Generation to get your sales people in front of more prospects that are looking for your product on the Internet right now.

We developed a B2B Online Lead Generation Architecture that maps to the way that buyers now look for solutions based on their online research. It introduces your company and products or services much earlier in the buying cycle.

See how the Buying Cycle changed with prospects now using search phrases to frame their problems, discuss it with industry peers on Social networks such as LinkedIn and then look for providers that they feel they can trust.

Would you like to be part of this new buying process?

The InBusiness, Inc. Lead Generation Architecture gets you in front of more sales ready prospects much earlier in the sales cycle.

Download our Leads For B2B Complex Sale Whitepaper on the right of this page and see how you can get your sales leads from the new, growing online market.

The Buying Processes have changed with use of search engines such as Google and Bing. See these results from a B2B market survey by DemandGen.

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