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Many wonder at the feasibility of users paying for content online. However, according to Nielsen, it becomes very obvious that consumers around the world are more than willing to pay for a few key things. The recent studies have shown, in fact that consumers are much more likely to pay for online music, but less likely to pay for a blog. The number of consumers that would pay for online music was over three times as high. The recent Nielsen statistics show that of over twenty seven thousand consumers in fifty four countries, attitudes about online content varied a great deal. However, it’s interesting to note that many who were willing to purchase online content were more likely to do so for a few things, though this varied quite a bit by demographics, geography and the types of content they’d go for.

On the whole, it was pretty clear from Nielsen that consumers would pay for music, games and movies, or a professionally produced video before they’d shell out for a blog, podcast or consumer related video- which is great news for businesses. These same studies showed that the consumers were also pretty willing to deal with increased ads to offset the cost. According to Nielsen: “This validates the notion that consumers globally still place more value on content produced by “professionals” than by other consumers.” The exact numbers, as expressed by the Fall 2009 Study were:

Music 57%
Theatrical movies 57%
Games 51%
Professional produced video (including current television shows) 50%
Magazines 49%
Newspapers 42%
Internet-only news sources 36%
Radio (Music) 32%
Podcasts 28%
Social Communities 28%
Radio (News/Talk) 26%
Consumer-generated video 24%
Blogs 20%

The fact that most were willing to pay for the online content was a bit stunning for most. However, the thing that really raised some eyebrows about these studies was just how open the same consumers were to advertising. Half of all global respondents expressed a willingness to view ads- so long as the content was free. According to the results of these studies, monetization is an important thing- however, they are going to have to be very flexible so that users feel given a choice.

On the whole, this study really speaks to marketing globally, rather than locally. However, if your business does in fact run online- say, products, rather than services, it is a good idea to consider the implications of this study. Those are, that globally, people have different ideas about what they are willing to pay for, and how they feel about advertising. According to Nielsen, again, though half of all the global respondents were open to it- some were more so than others.

“While 57% of respondents in the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan are open to the more advertising – as are 55% of those in Asia Pacific – just 40% of North America respondents and 39% of European respondents agree.”

This is definitely something to consider, because the implications of your business on the global market, and what target markets you may have in that- it’s important to tailor your ad and marketing campaigns accordingly.

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