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We want to add some talent to our Orlando internet marketing team at InBusiness, Inc. Every serious candidate should have a strong track record in at least one of the following:

On-site analytics (both understanding them, and how to properly advanced analytics on complex sites with event tracking, conversion tracking, phantom page view, regex, etc.
Hardcore link building in a variety of different strategies other than article marketing, crap blog commenting, social bookmarking, and directory submission. We want the good stuff like guest bloggers, content strategies, access to private blog networks, infographics, interview outreach, PR link building, etc.
Conversion optimization – Experience with Google optimizer or similar tools, experience in lead gen and ecommerce, Ability to increase revenue per visitor by analyzing conversion funnels, bounce rates, and how people are connecting with the content (more than just landing page split tests for PPC).
On page SEO optimization – Deep understanding of on page SEO factors and how to correct most issues, not just write a report of what is wrong.
Project management of internet marketing campaigns
Email marketing opt-in strategies and autoresponder setup
A combination of the above skills that allows you to obtain concrete results for past projects would be perfect.

However, our ideal candidate has also…
– stopped listening to everything Matt Cutts says year ago (Unless he was drunk and you got some inside goodies) in exchange for practical testing to show what works
– challenged their boss because they thought he/she was an idiot (unless your boss was actually very intelligent, in that case…you are the idiot)
– had sales staff yell at them because they told a potential sale that  what the sales staff said didn’t make any sense
-always wished they could fire an unreasonable client, (We have all had them)
– believed that ties should not be worn on days that end in Y unless…. there is a meeting with a potential large new client and everyone has to be on their best behavior with the nerf guns locked away in the closet.
– read multiple of the following books:  Ontolo: a link building guide, convert by Ben Hunt, landing page optimization by Tim Ash, anything from Seth Godin, the SEOmoz ranking factors, Rework by 37Signals’ Jason Fried, Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, (Of course there are many more).
– has been spotted at a barcamp
-refuses to check into starbucks out of principal (even though you can’t stop drinking the coffee)
What Does InBusiness, Inc. Do?
We do a mix of hardcore link building, on page optimization, sales copywriting, content, PPC & online media buys, website design, and conversion optimization if our clients will pay for it (sometimes we do it anyways even if they don’t pay,  because we can’t stand to see things not work…Shhhhh, don’t tell).

Why Our Employees Think We Are Cool

Every month we hold a business pitch competition where staff pitch ideas they think can make money using the resources and talent we have within our tribe to make us rich. We decide which was the best presentation, and which idea, was most practical and we award cash prizes for awesomeness and going beyond what is asked of them as employees. It’s ambitious for our size, but two of the ideas have already been funded with the staff involved getting equity, and still getting paid for their day job. Why do we do this?

It’s in our blood. We want everyone at our company to believe that if they work their ass off, are great at what they do, and are willing to go the extra mile, there will never be a ceiling for their potential. If they can’t get promoted up, will promote them sideways and allow them to build something amazing of their own where we can still benefit from the awesome talent we have invested our time and effort into.
We also know, that you know, that we know, that getting results with SEO, PPC, and every other division is not push button easy (at first). Getting results takes time, effort, thought, and an occasional job posting on Elance (Guilty!). To get those results without looking over everyone’s  shoulder and asking for TPS reports, we need to have the best of the best. People who really are self motivated, don’t know how to fail, and make everyone else they work with better. Are you that person?

If this sounds like internet marketing heaven, than we are your cup of tea you sick bastard.
So what’s catch?

There is always a catch….

We are a 2nd stage startup. We are growing like a weed, but we still have to watch our precious pennies. That doesn’t mean we are cheap. Some of our staff make $15 hour and some make $50/hour We will happily spend our pennies and pay great money for your talent, but we really want to  work with people that don’t mind cutting us a break upfront, and working for less than they would normally want for a month or two so we can ease into a relationship that will benefit both parties for many years to come.

Why would you do this when someone else will happily pay you a signing bonus, and pay you what you ask right out of the gate?
We are competing against companies that just add more money to salaries to attract talent. Since we are not ready to give interns from Harvard 100k to write blog posts yet. Here is how we build value and make it so you can’t say no!

#1 It is a fun place to work. What do you expect when the founder is still in his 20’s

#2 People that work here believe they are part of something bigger than themselves and are building something they can be proud…they are happy

#3 Insanely flexible work schedules, many of our staff work abroad full-time and do not have set hours. They do have set workloads though.
(we prefer people who can make it into the office, but we use Basecamp to communicate so it is not a deal breaker if you are in another city. You do have to make it a no brainer to give you a shot by providing extraordinary value right out of the gate)

#4 The CEO encourages intrapreneurship. He has already invested funds to start two subsidiary companies based on the ideas of two staff members. Those staff members are running those companies, in their spare time and have considerable equity. It won’t be the last time either.

#5 You are allowed to make mistakes (not the same ones over and over, that will get you fired), but we believe that no one is perfect, and if you are going to ask people to push the envelope and constantly learn new things, that mistakes are going to happen.

#6 You can challenge our methods with open debate (Just make it constructive, negative people will be put in the sandbox). We got to where we were by constantly tearing down our own methods and rebuilding how we did things. You have valuable ideas, and we want to hear them.

#7  The found and CEO still pays himself $36k/year so he can afford to get the best people on his team. That means you, and great team members after you……no sandbaggers!

#8  we aren’t so small enough that you have to worry about us going under next week, but still small enough that you can be on the ground floor of something great.

#9  Let’s face it, if you have read this far you are going to apply anyways

Email us at To make us an offer I can’t refuse, send questions, or a resume/cover letter/links, or even better, something really creative that slaps us in the face with how awesome you are so hard that I call you begging. to my email address below. If you already have your dream job, please pass this along to someone whose skills you covet.

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