NY Times Hails SEO as One of the "Most Effective"

Miguel Helft, writing for the New York Times, says that “search advertising is probably the most effective form of marketing ever invented.” Most companies who are already involved in online marketing know that really, if you’re not playing to the SEO, you aren’t doing all you can in order to get your pages up there in the search pages. People want to have it all, and they want it all right away- exactly what they are looking for, and, well, if you can offer it quicker, on that front page, top of the list- you’re a step ahead.

It was not entirely shocking to see that Microsoft was downplaying any indicators of what they call stratospheric profitability, as most experts feel real time queries are a bit unpredictable. Now, wait- are you scratching your head on that phrase “stratospheric profitability”? Good, because I was, too. Don’t feel badly. It’s just a big, hefty way to say, “profits will be good”. Think about this, for a second when you’re considering the whole keyword conundrum and if you should go for the gold when it comes to SEO. Because, honestly, when you run a search, have you ever gone more than five pages deep? Three, even? Probably not and your customers likely aren’t going to be all about that, either.

This is all coming down really, from a review of the top one hundred fastest growing start up companies. Back in August of this year, BRW magazine published this thing, and of the 100 fastest growers, the real movers and shakers, 42 of them were using Search Engine Optimization in their online marketing campaigns. They each had included an SEO structure in their sites, enabling them to rank very high on search engines such as Google and other frequently used sites.
And yet…

Clive Hawkins had this to say of the results, “This proportion of business websites that have yet to utilize the opportunities for new business growth through search engines is symptomatic of the lack of awareness or perceived importance about the impact of SEO techniques. They may be using search advertising, such as Google AdWords, but if they have a website, they should also be developing search engine optimization as a more cost-effective long term marketing strategy.”

Meaning, these companies had only really hit the tip of the iceberg with what they could be doing. That’s pretty impressive news, and a bit of a peek into the marketing crystal ball so many people wish was a reality- so, you want the look, there you have it. Just utilizing the very bare bones, these companies are blowing up- what happens if you’re pushing it as far as you can? This is a really good question and one I think that many small to medium business owners need to be asking themselves- because the trend towards this means of advertising and marketing keeps growing, and getting yourself leading the pack means not having to ‘enjoy the view from behind’.