Online Video

videoBelieve it or not there was a time before YouTube.  During that time video was pretty much out of reach to small businesses due to high costs.  More recently the surge in viewership of online videos, along with the lower production costs has made it far more accessible as a marketing and business development tool.  However to make it effective businesses need to know what makes it attractive to viewers.

You can use video for everything from product demos to getting customer feedback on work in progress to showcasing your  philanthropic work.  Often a company’s video page will end up being one of their top viewed pages with  35% of visitors viewing a video while at a business site.  Videos allow you to differentiate yourself.

158 million U.S. Internet users have viewed videos online.  That kind of potential viewership is very appealing.  And with most video budgets between $1000 and  $5000, most businesses can’t afford to miss out on reaching the largest audience ever.

Video can help customers find you.  It was recently found out that sites with video stood a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page of Google results on keywords for which Google offers video results.  Integrating video search engine optimization tactics is key.  Much like traditional search engine optimization, the major sites, such as Google, each have methods of accepting video submissions in addition to their search algorithms that seek videos out.
You do not necessarily need to worry about mastering video search engine optimization yourself . Video hosting sites are abundant.  Just be sure that the one you choose to host your video routinely submits video content to search engines.

Short format videos are more popular than long form.  It is the value of information that counts so it is okay in many cases to be frugal in production as long as you are telling customers what your company is about.

To get the best video results, integrate them into other marketing vehicles.  Remind customers and prospects about them.  Send out email blasts with links to video on your site, and be sure to have your contact information near the video.