Optimize Your Blog The Easy Way

Running an onsite blog is really not as difficult as it may seem. Most blogging software is run via a very simple Content Management System or CMS that will add the new pages to your site’s navigation and links. Blogs are a natural choice for content because they are usually very easily customizable, full of text, and link rich, usually do not use too much HTML and offer themselves up as frequently updated  webpages that use stylesheets or CSS- all of which make them very search engine friendly. Package all of that up in an easily updated format and you have a clear winner for anyone looking to add a blog to make sure their website is continually and regularly updated for the search engines- and for their potential clients or customers.

And optimizing a blog for a website is not all that different from optimizing anything else. It does not really matter if you are using a separate domain or putting the blog on your website directory- though I advise keeping the blog connected so that you can benefit from all traffic in both instances. The key here though is again in the keyword- make sure that the domain name of your blog contains your keyword- for instance, if you were selling vanilla soda- you’d want to title your domain something like – “soda” being the keyword, really, but tacking on the ‘vanilla’ narrows the search down, and targets that specific audience. So, you have a sort of win win- because while there may be hundreds of thousands of people using “soda” as a keyword- there won’t be nearly as many using “vanilla soda”- you get the idea. Easier to be the top of 20 than it is 20,000. But yes, use your keyword in your domain name.

Next, have a look at your blog header tags and the titles of your posts. Are they keyword friendly? Back to the vanilla soda example, you’d want to make sure that “vanilla soda”, “soda”, “pop”, or even “soda pop” are all in your headers- those are the H1 or H2 tags. Then, as you title your blogs, you’ll notice some software gives you a great keyword rich link- I know for a fact that Blogger does this, so if you wrote a blog about the history of vanilla soda- you’d get “the-history-vanilla-soda.html”, which makes a great permalink. You can also imagine how nicely that works out in a search engine, when someone’s looking for something fairly specific- why, even your link shows it is relevant to both the user and the search engine itself.

These are just a couple of things that you can do to optimize your blog effectively- for an added punch, make sure that you’ve got a sidebar of links on every single page of your site, so that it is easy to get around.